Bill Embley

Profile of a Builder

I grew up in a construction family. I didn’t know it at the time, but I began my career in construction as a little boy. My father was a master electrician, and builder, my uncle a framer, and my grandfather a mason. They would all take me to jobsites on the weekends and holidays to catch up on their projects.

In middle school I started volunteering on my uncle’s framing crew. I helped on the weekends and school holidays, and we did a lot of framing with Habitat for Humanity.

“my custom career began with the “worst client” we ever had.”

I was always a tinkerer, and I got a kick out of fixing things, even if I was the one that broke them. From computers to appliances, and then onto houses. In my mid 20’s I started a handyman business, and with the help of my parents, it took off. That venture introduced me to the real estate-rehab business, and into remodeling, and then I was hooked on real estate forever.

My first few jobs in new construction were for production builders. What an education. Production builders get a bad rap, but they are able to churn out affordable and durable housing, which is what most families need. What they taught me was to move projects along quickly, with as few mistakes as possible, and to build a lot of houses at a time! It was when I was working for a production builder that I met a client who was really upset with the company worked for. He was actually screaming and yelling in the middle of the street. I walked out from the model home and was able to calm this client down. I assured him that I would attend to any issues he had. A month later this raving mad client became a raving fan and introduced me to the man that I would work for over the next 5 years. That’s right, my custom career began with the “worst client” we ever had. It turns out, of course, that that client had legitimate concerns, that needed attention, and he was only doing the last thing he could think of to get the attention his house needed.

My custom home legacy began there. I went to work for a builder out of Boerne that was hard hit from the 2008 sub-prime mortgage collapse. We started with 2 homes, and a few years later I was managing 8 homes by myself, all throughout Boerne, Cordillera Ranch, and the Hill Country.

In 2014 I was alerted to my opportunity of a lifetime. I had heard that Image Homes was looking for a super. I had spent many of my childhood years playing with friends in the Dominion, and I would marvel at the houses Roberto Kenigstein was building there. I jumped at the opportunity to take on the biggest, most expensive houses the San Antonio area could offer. I spent 8 ½ years building homes for Roberto on projects ranging from $2 Million-11 Million. In my time there, I was responsible for residential construction and land development, along with some commercial construction. Roberto is an amazing talent in this industry, and he taught me that no obstacle is insurmountable.

BrinGing you “ultra high-end finishes”

In 2022, after nearly 25 years in homebuilding & remodeling, I began making plans to leave Image Homes, and startup my own company. It was the only logical step forward, to advance my career and craft. My goal in creating Saxet Custom Homes is to bring ultra high-end finishes, and flawless execution to homes at all price points. If you choose to entrust me with the construction of your home, I can promise you the following:

Clear, concise and consistent communication

Honesty and hard work

The highest quality of construction regardless of budget

The absolute best finish-out on your home

And I promise YOU WILL HAVE FUN!